Mango Bazaar


Mangoes hold a special place in the hearts and traditions of Maharashtra, especially during two significant festivals: Gudhipadwa and Akshay Tritiya. These festivals mark the beginning of a new year and are celebrated with great fervour across the state. Amidst the rituals and festivities, the presence of mangoes adds an extra layer of joy and significance.

Gudhipadwa, or Maharashtrian New Year, is a time of new beginnings and auspiciousness. It falls in the month of Chaitra, usually in March or April, marking the onset of spring. Mangoes, with their vibrant colours and sweet aroma, symbolize the abundance and prosperity that the new year brings. They are often included in traditional dishes like Aamras (mango pulp) served with puris, making the celebrations even more delightful.

Similarly, Akshay Tritiya, another auspicious occasion celebrated in April or May, holds a special significance for Maharashtrians. It is believed to be an ideal day for new beginnings, ventures, and investments. Mangoes play a crucial role during Akshay Tritiya as they symbolise fertility, growth, and prosperity. People offer prayers and conduct rituals with mango leaves and fruits to seek blessings for wealth and success.

Beyond their symbolic importance, mangoes also enrich the culinary experience of these festivals. From traditional sweets like mango shrikhand to refreshing drinks like mango panna, mangoes are integral to Maharashtrian cuisine during Gudhipadwa and Akshay Tritiya. Families gather to relish these delicacies together, strengthening bonds and creating cherished memories.

Alphonso Mangoes For Gudi Padwa
Alphonso Mangoes For Gudi Padwa

Moreover, mangoes hold cultural significance in Maharashtra, transcending mere culinary delight. They are deeply ingrained in the social fabric, often exchanged as gifts during festivals, weddings, and special occasions, symbolizing love, friendship, and goodwill.

In essence, the presence of mangoes during Gudhipadwa and Akshay Tritiya elevates the festive spirit, infusing it with flavours of joy, prosperity, and togetherness. They remind us of the rich cultural heritage and traditions that bind communities together, making these festivals truly special for Maharashtrians.